Friday, August 12, 2011

Sorry I haven't been able to make any posts recently!
I've been busy with a lot of stuff....

Japanese MGO players are beyond "pro"
The Japanese are known for their extensive bashfulness in gaming; they never really boast a lot. After all they were isolated from the world a couple hundred years ago. what am i saying
The point is, the japanese are better gamers than most of the world is.
Which is why NA servers have been named "The shithole" of all MGO servers :/
With the exception of a few talented players, North America's players are the worst. Whether it has to do with lack of training or attention span, most players beseech advanced players "HOW 2 GID GUD" . Unfortunately, responses have been "idk", "practice", and "why". That's how I was "taught" at first, until I resorted to useless youtube demonstrations, and eventually a MGO forum, where a nice lad messaged me on basic skills I needed to work on.
Here's a bunch of Japanese players who know what they're doing...
And one of Europe... Can you spot the difference?
Yeah, there's a massive skill gap, but every region has its "specialty"


  1. It doesn't surprise me, but I pretty much suck at every game that isn't Mw2.

  2. I always new the japanesse were good at games, now I know how much!

  3. Your right huge difference in skill. I saw the same thing back when i played halo a lot.