Friday, August 12, 2011

Sorry I haven't been able to make any posts recently!
I've been busy with a lot of stuff....

Japanese MGO players are beyond "pro"
The Japanese are known for their extensive bashfulness in gaming; they never really boast a lot. After all they were isolated from the world a couple hundred years ago. what am i saying
The point is, the japanese are better gamers than most of the world is.
Which is why NA servers have been named "The shithole" of all MGO servers :/
With the exception of a few talented players, North America's players are the worst. Whether it has to do with lack of training or attention span, most players beseech advanced players "HOW 2 GID GUD" . Unfortunately, responses have been "idk", "practice", and "why". That's how I was "taught" at first, until I resorted to useless youtube demonstrations, and eventually a MGO forum, where a nice lad messaged me on basic skills I needed to work on.
Here's a bunch of Japanese players who know what they're doing...
And one of Europe... Can you spot the difference?
Yeah, there's a massive skill gap, but every region has its "specialty"

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Alright, because I honestly think i won't be able to make all of my posts pertain to MGO, I'll throw in some moderation here.

My ISP is AWFUL. The DL rate is below 6 on weekends, 13 on weekdays. Hell, you people on Long Island HAVE to stop downloading porn all day long. I have tournaments to participate in (as lame as this sounds). The UL is not that bad! I'm ranging from 1.8 to 2.0 mbps. Although I get decent upload rates, other players will still accuse me of lagging, even though i'm on 512k. My question is, what are your speed tests? Are you content with it? What's your ISP?
Don't know how to check? Go and head here to find out.
I've this utter adoration for JUSTICE. "The original hipsters" as many have quoted, are making a comeback. In 08, i went to the concert. THE concert. A Cross The Universe. I have to say, 90 percent of all the people tripped on acid before coming to the concert. You had people ripping shirts off, screaming their lungs off, and i think someone got trampled over when they opened the gates. Need to say, This electric duo is SEVERELY underrated! Become a fan NOW!
Here, in this video, you can clearly see the acid kicking into these guys.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Okay, back on the topic of Metal Gear Online. I've nothing better to do all day so,

A lot of people have been in the raging and ever living dispute between mw2 and mgo. And the obvious points are made, i.e., Modern Warfare 2 is too generic, and Metal Gear Online is too slow paced. As a huge gamer, i've reviewed both games (and other similar games) thoroughly and i've come to this.

Modern Warfare 2
  • The classic FPS game where you are virtualized as a person only able to view things as if a human can. In otherwords (this really should be made into one word), you are only able to see through your "virtual" eyes. 
  • Numerous critics have noted that the First Person factor has made games like MW2, COD4, and even the classic Counter Strike generic. Only because these games are played in the First Person mode. In retrospect, the First Person factor induces a sense of realism, enabling one to see things in the game that he wouldn't be able to see in real life. Of course, you need back up tactics to portray this sense of realism, i.e. rumble from the controller, your virtualized hands appearing in front of you. The term "Generic" literally states: "of, applicable to, or referring to all the members of a genus,  class, group, or kind". WOAH WAIT, Every FPS game has : different maps, weapons, interfaces, modes; the point is, how could you be called "Generic" if there are so many differences? I beg to differ, but this is a mere similar characteristic!
Metal Gear Online
  • 3rd person shooter defines as a game in which the controller (you) views the virtual character in whole, i.e. you can see the whole body of the person. Okay wait. If the term "3rd Person" has its own category video gaming, is that not already "Generic"? Well, there is a slight misconception then. I would recategorize the fps category from "generic" to "popular". However, everything popular has its counter agents. 3pses come into play here.
  • The whole concept of being a 3rd person, is to be the "overseeing god-like figure" that controls your virtual character. Playing in 3rd person extends emotions. You'll be able to see other players and or enemies through a tilt of an analog sick, even though your character himself may not. 
  • MGO has been renowned for its rush of adrenaline,  uniqueness and cooperativeness. The adrenaline derives from its slow paced encounter of enemies (You really have to play this game to experience the rush). The uniqueness, coming from the integration of skill blocking, a system where characters level up on numerous skills, such as assault rifle mastery, and utilize them on the field to help them win battles. And the cooperativeness comes from the significant codec system and the SOP system. These exclusive features allow characters to communicate with their teammates in real time, displaying their health, psyche, and other characteristics. 
If you have the money, go ahead and buy both. 
Here's a video of players on mgo debating on the superior game.

Dinner, you guys.
You jelly?
Roasted chicken breast with broccoli in oyster sauce, stirfried potatoes with shrimp in a hint of vodka sauce, all served over a nice batch of jasmine rice.
What are you guys having for dinner?
More mgo in another post, i'm taking a mental and physical break from that game... :/
This fat lady just pushed me three seats to the back of the bus
"Oh, I'm a rather large individual, so you see, naturally, i need a big vacancy! Would you be so kind to give me these three seats?"

Alright fatty, why don't you lay off the pringles for a bit? Fat bitch was seen with three bags of lays and 2 bottles of fanta. Don't tell me to give up my seat if you can't get off of yours.

Anyway, i recently raised my kd to 1.9

yeah, i spent an unimaginable amount of time training on dummies. but now, i'll only use a maximum of 3 bullets to get one solid headshot.

I'm such a noob

1) You've been told to keep at head level. This minimizes time needed to re-aim when you encounter an enemy. All you have to do is hit L1 and R1 at the same time. Unfortunately, my L1 and R1 syncs are so off. From time to time, I actually hit r2 first and therefore I smash the gun in my enemy's face. Oy, i need MORE practice.
2) You've been told to control your gunshots, and the amount of bullets coming out. AHHHH YES, I keep on turning the analog stick when my enemy moves to the side! ARGHHHH, how aggravating is this? My 3pv isn't going to catch up with my opponent's running speed! I really need to learn how to stop firing and resetting my aim! Damn lalilulelo
Oh well, I need to keep on listening to solid007's words, despite the fact that he's been called a noob/glitcher/hacker
Here are his wise words derp